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  1. gadisitugirl 11wk 3d ago

    Quote by TheGarbageCollectorParanoia agent? Is that a good anime? O_o

    if you like mind bending "what the fuck did I just watch" sort of stuff :p

    Lol okay XD thank you for the information

  2. gadisitugirl 13wk 6d ago

    Quote by TheGarbageCollector I had watched an anime called 'Paranoia agent' a few years ago. It completely changed the way I look at any entertainment media after that.

    Paranoia agent? Is that a good anime? O_o

  3. gadisitugirl 13wk 6d ago

    Quote by TheGarbageCollector Nice ava btw, lol

    Hahaha thank you ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  4. gadisitugirl 15wk 5d ago

    Quote by TheGarbageCollector Hi! Thanks for the comments and Favs. That Armageddon Indy art was a joke but I gave it real serious thought when writing the description :p

    lol so the art was a joke XD
    I knew you wrote the description seriously. I think you have observed animes in an unique way

  5. gadisitugirl 25wk 6d ago

    Quote by TheGarbageCollector Enjoying the sweet sweet drink called miseries of being an adult.
    How about you?

    Sorry I''m late replying T_T
    Wow... You do sounds like an adult! /ofc ಠ◡ಠ
    I'm good too, still struggling with my college (T..T)

  6. gadisitugirl 31wk 4d ago

    Quote by TheGarbageCollector teehee
    You caught me

    Hehe! Tag, you are it!(?) XD

    How are you doing, Comp? XD

  7. pandemonium91 Retired Moderator 32wk 1d ago

    Quote by TheGarbageCollector Cursed image

    If this is cursed, then what's coming up is The Devil Himself.

  8. gadisitugirl 36wk 4d ago

    I didn't know TheGarbageCollector is Comp! O_O

  9. myri-chan Jul 12, 2017

    Quote by TheCompilerHi myri-chan what's up?
    I just dropped by because I discovered this author called George Lakoff and he's written many books with the relatively modern perspective of embodied cognition which is different from cognition and idealism.
    He has written a title called "Moral Politics : How Liberals and Conservatives Think" and I thought you might be interested in reading it.

    Oh Hi Compiler san :) well i am okayish ^^ thanks for asking :) i apologize for my absence i can't come here as i used to do :/

    Thank you so much for the suggestion :) honestly i am super busy now :/ no time to philosophize Lol

    you cannot escape idealism ,whether you're a leftist or rightist everybody is idealistic (puppet) in a way or another,loving and trusting your family serving them,friends,the sacrifice of one's life for his country,worshiping a deity...etc ideals are necessary to bring people together and make them cooperate with each other . unfortunately human greed and thirst for power will always be triumphant in the end this being said conservative doctrines are still the worst in my opinion because it generate manicheism and macchiavellianism. if one is not submissive enough and wanting to live his life the way he wants he is seen as a "devil". parents are always right even if they mistreat their kids,the husband is always right even if he beats his wife simply because males are "purer"..etc.all those things create social tensions and misery..and thus confilcts. I'll always be a lefty or at worst libertarian because nobody is worthy to dominate another human being . because everybody is evil in a way or another,doctrines that gives maximum freedom to the individual (less power for parents,spouse,bosses) are the best,strict family values are not so good especially if you are born in a horrible family. The reason the left don't prevail very often is because it is hard to defy the law of the jungle (interests of powerful members of a certain society)

    But as i already said to Monu i am really busy now with life,i can't come here anymore :/ but i wish you luck and well being in your life and a excellent moment here on MT :)

  10. Blue-Crescent Jul 10, 2017

    Quote by TheCompiler

    Quote by Blue-Crescent I will be mad if you can't identify me. Haha!
    Just passing by! I wish you all well.


    hehe, ofc I recognize you because of inu yasha ava and username.
    One thing about Kierkegaard was that he didn't live very happily because he followed his principles very sincerely.

    Haha! But I don't spam! Just in the server. Haha! XD
    Hai. Hai. I understand, Sensei! :D

  11. Blue-Crescent Jul 10, 2017

    I will be mad if you can't identify me. Haha!
    Just passing by! I wish you all well.


  12. Painter Jun 12, 2017

    Thank you for the fav :)

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