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  1. agent-Achika 2wk 0d ago

    GM Garbage Collector!
    -Hmmm I like watching short
    series these days as well.
    It easier especially since I'm
    extra busy with my studies.
    -Ever seen a show called:
    aka (Cells At Work)?
    It's first season only
    has 13 measly
    + one OVA.
    It's about how our bodies
    are functioning inside of
    us & the various challenges
    they go through.
    Its actually really funny, I
    came across it after seeing a real-life
    doctor explain some of the
    jobs each cell has in our bodies
    & all the viruses it battles.
    He even shows the diagrams
    of each organism he talks about lol.
    Here is the trailer:
    ( )

  2. agent-Achika 2wk 1d ago

    Gd Evening Garbage Collector!
    -I do like the many realistic
    there anime has to offer compared
    to American cartoons.
    Don't get me wrong the cutesy
    stuff is okay but gets
    sickening after a while.
    -I have never heard of the
    channels: Pause and Select or Aleczandxr.
    Are they any good?
    Can they be found on youtube?
    -Hmmm how about buying
    clothes ahead of time
    so that U won't fret over it later.

  3. agent-Achika 2wk 2d ago

    Gd Morning Garbage Collector!
    -I have in fact seen the film:
    "Koe no Katachi" it was
    recommended to me
    a long time ago.
    I thought it was a nice movie.
    I liked how it showed the reality
    of how some kids don't handle
    other children who are considered
    "Different" or "outsiders" very well
    due to society conditioning
    & lack of exposure imo.
    -Are there any favorite
    delicacies U crave from those
    celebrations back home?
    -Glad there is a large community
    in the UK that you can lean on for support.
    -Bought yourself any new clothes recently?

  4. agent-Achika 2wk 4d ago

    Gd Morning Garbage Collector!
    -Oops how is the weather in Switzerland?
    -What does Ganeshotsav and Diwali celebrate exactly?
    -Going to use any popular loft/apt websites
    which are UK based?
    -What was the movie "Koe no Katachi" about?
    Was the film animation or Live-Action?

  5. agent-Achika 2wk 6d ago

    Thanks GarbageCollector!
    -No worries, I understand life
    gets in the way & its difficult to reply
    to ppl online often.
    -Since you don't celebrate Xmas
    is there another holiday that is similar
    to Xmas in India that U enjoy annually?
    -How is the weather in Ireland?
    -What type of job do U do?
    Are U gonna do the same work
    once U move to the UK next month?
    -Excited about moving to the UK?
    -Do you have some friends U
    can live with in the UK?
    -Done any loft or apartment
    hunting online yet?
    -Plan on getting a pet once again
    your settled in?
    -Seen any new movies?
    btw (Christmas = Xmas).

  6. agent-Achika 3wk 0d ago Garbage Collector!
    Receive any cool gifts from friends & family?
    Eat or bake any delicious dishes?

  7. agent-Achika 7wk 5d ago

    Hi Garbage Collector!
    It has been a while since we last spoke to one another.
    -Yes your new name is refreshing.
    What made U change it in the first place?
    -What is the reasoning behind your move to Switzerland?
    Are the native residents treating you nicely?
    -Adjusting the new climate well?
    -How does Switzerland cultural food tatse?
    -Discovered any staple delicacies yet?

  8. agent-Achika 8wk 0d ago
    Enjoy a similar holiday
    in india?

  9. gadisitugirl 20wk 4d ago

    Quote by TheGarbageCollectorParanoia agent? Is that a good anime? O_o

    if you like mind bending "what the fuck did I just watch" sort of stuff :p

    Lol okay XD thank you for the information

  10. gadisitugirl 23wk 0d ago

    Quote by TheGarbageCollector I had watched an anime called 'Paranoia agent' a few years ago. It completely changed the way I look at any entertainment media after that.

    Paranoia agent? Is that a good anime? O_o

  11. gadisitugirl 23wk 0d ago

    Quote by TheGarbageCollector Nice ava btw, lol

    Hahaha thank you ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  12. gadisitugirl 24wk 6d ago

    Quote by TheGarbageCollector Hi! Thanks for the comments and Favs. That Armageddon Indy art was a joke but I gave it real serious thought when writing the description :p

    lol so the art was a joke XD
    I knew you wrote the description seriously. I think you have observed animes in an unique way

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