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  1. gadisitugirl 1wk 4d ago

    Quote by TheGarbageCollector still going on. You stay safe too

    Thank you.

  2. gadisitugirl 2wk 0d ago

    Quote by TheGarbageCollectordoing alright, don't like the work from home situation right now

    Is it still WFH in your city? I guess I understand that, it will be better if covid disappear soon. I hope you have a good day

  3. agent-Achika 14wk 6d ago
    Did U receive any gifts from friends & family?
    Any big plans for New Years?

  4. agent-Achika 15wk 3d ago

  5. gadisitugirl Feb 14, 2020

    Hello! How are you doing?

  6. agent-Achika Jul 22, 2019

    GM GarbageCollector
    -Do you at least chill out
    at friends & family members homes
    & have movie or game nights?
    -Ever experienced karaoke?
    -Read any new graphic novels lately?
    -Know how to bake or cook?
    -Got any pets?

  7. agent-Achika Jul 20, 2019

    GM GarbageCollector.
    -Yes people still celebrate Turkey Day
    & Xmas dinners early on w/family
    especially if traveling vacations are involved lol.
    -Do you work for urself doing IT?
    -Ever travel globally for holidays?

  8. agent-Achika Jul 14, 2019

    Gd morning GarbageCollector
    -I stayed home due to having a cold.
    -Any big upcoming Fall plans?

    -What do U do for work?

  9. agent-Achika Jul 07, 2019

    Gd evening GarbageCollector!
    Did you do anything fun during the 4th of July?

  10. agent-Achika Jul 05, 2019 TheGarbageCollector

  11. agent-Achika Jan 04, 2019

    GM Garbage Collector!
    -Hmmm I like watching short
    series these days as well.
    It easier especially since I'm
    extra busy with my studies.
    -Ever seen a show called:
    aka (Cells At Work)?
    It's first season only
    has 13 measly
    + one OVA.
    It's about how our bodies
    are functioning inside of
    us & the various challenges
    they go through.
    Its actually really funny, I
    came across it after seeing a real-life
    doctor explain some of the
    jobs each cell has in our bodies
    & all the viruses it battles.
    He even shows the diagrams
    of each organism he talks about lol.
    Here is the trailer:
    ( )

  12. agent-Achika Jan 03, 2019

    Gd Evening Garbage Collector!
    -I do like the many realistic
    there anime has to offer compared
    to American cartoons.
    Don't get me wrong the cutesy
    stuff is okay but gets
    sickening after a while.
    -I have never heard of the
    channels: Pause and Select or Aleczandxr.
    Are they any good?
    Can they be found on youtube?
    -Hmmm how about buying
    clothes ahead of time
    so that U won't fret over it later.

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